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  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 1Coin

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1Coin.live is The World's first AI-Based Crypto Currency Media Portal

It's designed to collect large amounts of data about the cryptocurrency industry, label training data and analyze the data for correlations and patterns, and use these patterns to make predictions about future states.

This system consists of 3 major layers, user interface(UI), crawler, and Artificial intelligence(AI). Each layer has different roles to give users the best and fastest experience.

1Coin.live version 1.0 is now avalabe on this link.

Visit 1Coin.live

The User Interface(UI)

The user interface is the point at which users interact with the 1Coin.live AI. The goal is to make the user's experience easy and intuitive, requiring minimum effort on the user's part to receive the maximum desired outcome. We analyze all user activities and reactions on the website pages, in the next versions, it will be user-friendlier.


1Coin.live Crawler indexes content from major cryptocurrency-related websites. The goal of this bot is to collect all data from specified web pages in certain time periods. This unprocessed data in the next step will be used by system AI.

- In version 1.0, the 1Coin.live crawler is able to check more than 3,000 pages per hour. In the next versions, this capability will be increased and more web pages will be covered.

Artificial intelligence(AI)

This layer is the brain of the system. Unprocessed data are categorized and labeled in this layer. All data are analyzed for correlations and patterns.

- In version 1.0, the 1Coin.live AI is able to categorize, label data, read news and articles, and understand them.
- In version 2.0, it will be able to separate good and bad news and mark them.
- In version 3.0, it will be able to predict cryptocurrencies and market conditions based on news, charts, and cryptocurrencies projects activities.


For more information and details about 1Coin AI project please download and read our whitepaper.

  • 2023 1st Quarter
  • - Writing the Proposal for the world's first AI-based crypto currency media portal
  • - Building the project strategy
  • - Growing the team
  • 2023 2nd Quarter
  • - Launching USDT/1Coin Pancakeswap pool
  • - Launching the Beta version of 1Coin.live
  • - Launching the Beta version of 1Coin.ltd
  • - Publish 1Coin.live crawler version 1
  • - Publish 1Coin.live AI version 1
  • 2023 3rd Quarter
  • - Launching the stable version of 1Coin.live
  • - Launching the stable version of 1Coin.ltd
  • - Launching new pools on top DEXs
  • - Launching USDT/1Coin pool on The Etherium blockchain
  • - Adding more sources for the 1Coin.live crawler
  • - Adding more features for the 1Coin.live UI
  • 2023 4th Quarter
  • - Activate advertisement system for 1Coin.live UI
  • - Buyback and burn from advertisment incomes
  • - Upgrade and integrate 1Coin.live AI to version 2
  • - Smart contract audit
  • 2024 1st Quarter
  • - Publishing Android application
  • - Upgrade and integrate 1Coin.live AI to version 3
  • 2024 2nd Quarter
  • - Publishing IOS application
  • - Activating VIP features with a lots of options for 1Coin holders
  • - Upgrade and integrate 1Coin.live crawler to version 2